We are excited to introduce you to our new Chef Kevin Thomas. Please join us in welcoming Kevin to Bearshire this year as he offers us some new exciting meals.

My name is Kevin Thomas and I am very excited and grateful to be able to cook for the wonderful patrons at Bearshire Restaurant of Braemar Country Club. A little background about myself, I originally enrolled at MCC to become an athletic trainer but soon realized that my real passion was becoming a chef. I started my culinary journey at Fratellis Restaurant where I learned the basics of cooking. I then ventured to Portofino Bistro. It was there that the chef really taught me and challenged my skills. After Portofino closed, I took a step back from high end cooking. During this time off, I realized that high end cuisine is my true calling. That brings me to the fine owners and members of Braemar. I am beyond ready and grateful to serve you ladies and gentleman, and hope everyone enjoys their experience at our great establishment.

Buon Appetito!

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